Personal Stuff

These days, for better or worse, my main hobbies are cooking and eating. In the past, I have also enjoyed dancing, bicycling, and SCUBA diving.

I’ve discovered two online comic strips that I really enjoy:

Kevin & Kell is the story of a rabbit (Kevin), a wolf (his wife Kell), their family (a wolf, a hedgehog, and a carnivorous rabbit), their jobs (HareLink, and Herd Thinners, Inc.), and the city of Domain.

Some people have a “philosophy of life” on their web sites; I believe in having several such philosophies, to fit different occasions:

A list of quotations seems to be de rigueur; the same might be said for weblogs and web quizzes. I’m hardly a slave to “fashion,” but neither do I want to fly completely in the face of tradition (in the making), so I’ll answer the quiz that’s been around since about the time Tim Berners-Lee was born: “Mary Ann.”