I love to cook. Whether it’s creating a quick, fresh salsa or throwing together a simple meal or laboring for hours over a dinner for friends, cooking is a passion of mine. While I enjoy eating just about every kind and ethnicity of food, my cooking interests tend towards simple, hearty dishes that satisfy at a very basic level -- the ferial rather than the festal. I also tend to stick to dishes from Europe and Latin America.

Later in this page is a link to my recipe collection; some of them are my own, some are from my family, and some I’ve collected from the Net. I’ve tried to keep the attributions, but I’m afraid many of them were lost long ago -- my apologies to the original authors. If you try something and you like it, let me know.

A few words of warning: I’ve modified many of these recipes to suit my own tastes, or to fit in the pots and pans I own, or to make a different quantity. I like lots of garlic, I don’t eat dairy products save for yogurt, I don’t like mayonnaise or bell peppers or vinegar, and I like my food hot (picanté); you have been warned.

Here are a few tips and tricks, rants and raves that you may find useful (or amusing).

Elsewhere I’ve listed the books that I keep near my computer for when I’m working, so I may as well give you a list of my cook books, too.

About grammar: My recipes often specify the form of ingredients as “cut thin” or “diced small”; I know that it would be more proper to write either “cut thinly” or “cut into thin slices,” but in this context, the correct usage seems awkward, so I’m sticking to my guns here. After all, part of knowing the rules is knowing when to break them!

Here, finally, are my recipes, and here are some related links. I also have a list of some memorable meals I've prepared.

Bon apétit!

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