Memorable Meals

Recipes by themselves are fine, but they’re better when several are combined to make a special meal. Sure, I cook lots of simple dinners for just my wife and that “feature” a single dish (maybe with some plain vegetables), but about a half dozen times a year (more if I’m lucky) I plan out a whole menu.

I’ve been doing this for quite a few years now, but I’ve been keeping track of the meals I’ve made only since 2000. If the recipes that make up a meal are on the web page of my favorite recipes I’ve provided a link; others will follow if I ever find the time to type them in.

Of all the meals I’ve ever prepared, by far the most memorable (and challenging and enjoyable) has been “Prawn Shoppe”; take a look and you’ll see why!

The Menus

December 13th, 2003: “Prawn Shoppe” (for ten people)
March 19th, 2011: “Bacon Banquet” (for six people)