Adam’s Blog

For years, people have been asking me why I don't write a blog; my answer was always, “because I have nothing worthwhile to say.” That may still be true, but I've decided to write anyway.

My thoughts (musings, rants, opinions, ramblings, etc.) are free, and probably worth about as much as you paid for them. If you’re lucky, you’ll find them useful or amusing, or maybe even helpful. If not, well, so be it. Sorry, no refunds.

Chapter 1
In Which We Are Introduced to Adam’s Blog, and Some Topics, and Some Opinions
[Friday, 22 January 2010]

Chapter 2
In Which We Say, “You Must Cook a Lot of Fancy Food, Huh,” and Adam Responds
[Saturday, 23 January 2010]

Chapter 3
In Which Adam Explains His Extreme Dislike of the Magazine “Cook’s Illustrated”
[Sunday, 07 February 2010]

Chapter 4
In Which Adam Goes in Search of a Bohemian Burger Experience but Fails to Find It
[Thursday, 04 March 2010]

Chapter 5
In Which Adam Reveals The Secret of Being a Good Cook
[Friday, 17 September 2010]

Chapter 6
In Which Adam Makes Plans to Go to The Culinary Institute of America
[Saturday, 22 January 2011]

Chapter 7
In Which Adam Starts Boot Camp, and Has a Hamburger
[Monday, 07 February 2011]

Chapter 8
In Which Adam Finishes a Second Day of Boot Camp, and Has Duck for Dinner
[Monday, 08 February 2011]

Chapter 9
In Which Adam Lives Through a Third, Fourth, and Fifth Day of Boot Camp, but Is Too Tired To Write About It
[Friday, 11 February 2011]

Chapter 10
In Which Adam and Pete Go To N’awlins!
[Friday, 30 November 2012]